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Emergency Medicine Residency
Resident Selection Process

The resident selection process of the Charleston Area Medical Center Emergency Medicine Residency (the program) has four (4) approved residency positions. Selection into this program is not influenced by race, sex, religion, creed, national origin, age or handicap as defined by federal regulations.

The program follows the policy of the institution as out lined in the House Staff Handbook which states in part:

The primary source of candidates for entry into graduate medical education programs will be graduates of Liaison Committee for Medical Education (LCME) - or American Osteopathic Association (AOA) accredited medical schools. All programs participate in an organized matching program.Individuals matching to a CAMC program or fellowship must seek an appropriate visa/work authorization prior to training. In addition, to be eligible for consideration a candidate must be a:

Graduate of a college of Osteopathic medicine in the United States accredited by the American Osteopathic Association (AOA).

a) Have a full and unrestricted license to practice medicine in a U.S. licensing jurisdiction.

Residents selected outside the normal matching process, whether through the match SOAP or during the 'off-cycle', must be reviewed and approved by the Designated Institutional Official (DIO).

In addition candidates must comply with the AOA/ACOEP/program requirements for application and admission. As stated in the policy and procedure manual candidate must:

1. Be a graduate of an AOA accredited college of osteopathic medicine.

2. Be a member of the AOA. Residents must maintain membership in the American Osteopathic Association throughout their term of training.

3. Be licensed in the state of West Virginia.

4. Pass Part III of the Osteopathic National Boards prior acceptance at the PGY-2 position.

5. Present official transcripts from the college of osteopathic medicine of graduation and a letter of recommendation from the director of medical education (DME) of internship program graduation, if an internship has been completed.

6. Be willing and able to sign an annual residency contract with the institution.

7. Be willing and able to comply with all terms and condition precedent as specified in the "Resident Agreement" with Charleston Area Medical Center, Inc.

Applicants for emergency medicine residency training should:

Be a member of the American College of Osteopathic Emergency Medicine Resident Affiliation. It is also
encouraged that such membership be maintained through out the training.

Have at least two letters of recommendation from Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physicians, at least one of
which should be from an Osteopathic Physician. However, 2 letters of recommendation from EM boarded allopathic physicians and 1 letter for an osteopathic physician boarded in another specialty will be considered.

Have shown an interest in Emergency Medicine during the pre-graduate and internship years. This may be shown by research, attended special classes or conferences, membership in Emergency Medicine student organizations, or other means.

Protocol for resident selection includes submission of documentation of compliance, or active pursuit of compliance, with the above. The resident must also submit a Curriculum Vitae, documentation of completion of Comlex-USA parts I and II, standard Deans letter, and completion of ERAS application including a personal statement.

Selection of a candidate is based on the above plus an interview process to attempt to ensure the candidate will function well as a member of our team and that our program is the best fit for the candidate. Osteopathic Practice and Principals, communication skills both verbal and written, professionalism, medical knowledge, attitude and aptitude for Emergency Medicine, previous experience, motivation and integrity will all be considered along with the candidates academic credentials.

The programs Resident Selection Committee will consist of the program director who may serve as the committee chair, at least three program faculty with at least one of these being core faculty, and an emergency medicine resident representative who shall also be a voting member of this committee. The responsibility of this committee will be to meet prior to the interview period to review and, if necessary, revise the standards for residency selection based on the program, CAMC, ACOEP and AOA criteria. During the interview period, members of this committee will conduct the interviews. This committee shall meet at least once monthly to rank order the prospective candidates. These recommendations will be submitted to the program director who will, in consultation with the Osteopathic DME, submit the recommendations to the governing bodies. The recommendations of the committee may be altered as to rank order at this point in the process. Notification and reporting of the results will be conducted by the program director. This process will follow all rules and relations of the match, CAMC, AOA, ACOEP. The applicant will be notified as appropriate and in a professional and compassionate manner. Refer to CAMC-OER policy and procedure manual for the programs and the institution's policies regarding contract renewal for residents who demonstrate competence.


For information about our residency programs write to:
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CAMC Memorial Hospital, 3110 MacCorkle Ave., SE, Charleston, WV 25304
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