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The Emergency Medicine Residency Program of Charleston Area Medical Center is dedicated to excellence in the training of Emergency Medicine Residents.  The goal of the training program is to provide graduating residents the tools, skills, empathy and knowledge to practice in any Emergency Department of their choosing.  The residency program strives to achieve the ultimate goal of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Charleston Area Medical Center, excellence in patient care.

The program will be taught using the newest and most innovative approaches to medical education, along with extensive clinical exposure in all areas essential to the competent and compassionate practice of emergency medicine.

With the resources available through Charleston Area Medical Center, the CAMC Institute, the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine (WVSOM), and West Virginia University, the Emergency Medicine residency program is a unique education opportunity not found elsewhere in the country.

These resources allow for the focus of the didactic component of the Emergency Medicine education to be small group presentations, intensive instruction using simulation (standardized patients, partial task trainers and high fidelity full human patient simulators), and active resident participation in the learning process.  Combined with bedside teaching that employs a one resident and one board certified attending model, with a patient population that is rapidly approaching 100,000 visits annually, we offer exceptional educational opportunities.  

In addition the Emergency Medicine Residents will receive instruction and practical experience in medica education to prepare them to assume a role in any academic program in the country.  Each resident will be required to complete an original research project prior to graduation.

Goals of the Emergency Medicine Program:

  • Provide learning experiences based on measurable objectives for the education of residents during a three-year training program.
  • Promote a broad understanding of the role of emergency medicine as it relates to other medical specialties.
  • Integrate the sciences applicable to emergency medicine with clinical experiences in a progressive manner.
  • Provide the emergency medicine resident with progressive responsibilities, commencing with general medical skills and progressing to complete care of patients in need of emergency care based on demonstrated competencies.
  • Provide training that will enable the emergency medicine resident to rapidly evaluate, initiate treatment, and prescribe the appropriate therapy of the emergency patient.
  • Develop the teaching skills of the residents in emergency medicine
  • Develop the skills necessary for problem solving in the emergency medicine environment.
  • Develop professional leadership and management skills.
  • Promote lifelong learning in medical education.
  • Develop interest in, and understanding of, research in emergency medicine.

Prepare the resident to meet certification requirements of the ACGME through the American Board of Emergency Medicine.

For information about our residency programs write to:
Stephanie Mason, Residency Coordinator, Emergency Medicine
CAMC Memorial Hospital, 3110 MacCorkle Ave., SE, Charleston, WV 25304
Phone: (304) 388-7170  |   FAX: (304) 388-6597


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