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Andy R. Tanner, DO

Elizabeth (Betsie) Westfall
Residency Coordinator, Family Medicine

I began my career in higher education on the main campus of West Virginia University in Morgantown in 1985 in the Office of Admissions and Records where I did everything from reception to giving campus tours to prospective students.  I transferred to the Charleston Division in 1989 where I served as Administrative Assistant in the School of Pharmacy, Staff Associate in the Central AHEC Office, Program Assistant for the Department of Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry before settling into my current position as Program Coordinator in the Department of Family Medicine in 2002. I am a native West Virginian and have lived in the State most of my life except for a brief time where I resided in Pennsylvania where I attended college.  I received my original certification from the National Board of Training Administrators of Graduate Medical Education in 2009. Although I have enjoyed all aspects of my career, working with the residents has been very rewarding.  I feel very fortunate to be a part of residents’ lives for three years and then watching them blossom to confident physicians.  I keep in touch with many of the former graduates as they embark on their careers and beyond.

On a personal level my husband Jeff and I have been blessed with three beautiful sons, Jeremy, Jordan and Julian.  We are involved with our sons’ soccer teams and enjoy watching college football and basketball games, especially WVU!    


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Betsie Westfall - Residency Coordinator
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