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Charleston Area Medical Center
Graduate Medical Education

Applicant Information on the Benefits and Conditions of Appointment
(ACGME Institutional Requirement IV.A.3)

Notification of Terms and Conditions of Appointment of Residents

This appointment is authorized by Charleston Area Medical Center (CAMC) and is subject to provisions of the rules, regulations and policies of the governing board.

Conditions of Employment:
Consistent with the provisions of the rules, regulations and policies of CAMC and the requirements set by accrediting boards and regulatory agencies, the appointment, continued appointment and/or compensation and benefits of the position is contingent upon fulfillment of the responsibilities of the position during the term of the appointment, the availability of funding and the conditions listed below.  Failure to comply with these conditions may jeopardize Resident’s completion of the residency program or delay Resident in the completion of the residency program.

License to Practice: If West Virginia law requires Resident to hold a current license for practice in his/her specialty, the appointment is subject to the Resident maintaining an unrestricted license from the State of West Virginia and from any other state’s licensing authority where the Resident may be assigned. Upon renewal of a required license, Resident must provide a copy of current license renewal to the GME office immediately. Resident shall notify the GME office of any action threatened or taken against his/her license.
If Resident has or elects to obtain a license during residency where the license is not required by law, Resident shall provide documentation of licensure to the GME office along with any renewal information and any action threatened or taken against his/her license.
All licensure requirements as defined by state law and CAMC must be met prior to entry into the residency and to continue residency.
Pharmacy Residents entering the first year (PGY1) Pharmacy Program must be licensed by the West Virginia Board of Pharmacy. If licensure cannot be obtained by July 15th then the unlicensed Resident will be required to obtain an intern license. Failure to obtain a pharmacist license by October 31st will result in dismissal from the program.
Pharmacy Residents entering a second year (PGY2) Pharmacy Program must be licensed in West Virginia or another state in order to be considered for a position.  If the candidate is licensed in another state, the Resident must obtain an unrestricted pharmacist license from the West Virginia Board of Pharmacy by September 30th.  Failure to obtain a WV license by September 30th will result in dismissal from the program.   
Fellowship applicants must meet the requirements set forth by the ACGME/AOA.  Fellowship applicants must submit proof of graduation from an appropriate residency program; passing score of USMLE Step 3/COMLEX 3; verification of appropriate licensure from the WV Boards of Medicine, Osteopathic Medicine, or Dentistry, and a written verification of previous education experiences including a summative evaluation of the trainee. 

US Citizen or Visa Status:  All Residents must be United States citizens or be able to obtain an appropriate visa/work authorization prior to entry into the program and maintain visa status for continuation of the program.  CAMC requires foreign medical graduates to meet all requirements of the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates including enrollment in health insurance coverage prior to or upon entry into the program. International graduates are required by the ECFMG to obtain health insurance coverage with specified guidelines.  If CAMC does not offer a plan that is within acceptable guidelines, it is the resident’s responsibility to seek and obtain acceptable coverage.  Residents must provide proof of such insurance prior to beginning their program or may elect to enroll in the CAMC benefit plan at orientation.  CAMC may be required to document and monitor proof of coverage. 
Individuals matching to a CAMC residency program or fellowship must seek an appropriate Visa/work authorization prior to training. CAMC recognizes the J-1 exchange visitor visa as the appropriate mechanism to sponsor international medical graduates interested in the pursuit of graduate medical education training in our programs. The J-1 exchange visa must be obtained through the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG). Application for sponsorship will require effort from the applicant and coordination with the residency program coordinator. It is important to note that CAMC does not sponsor H1B visas for residency training. The J-1 Visa is exclusively sponsored by the ECFMG’s Exchange Visitor Sponsorship Program (EVSP) and the ECFMG is the only organization authorized to sponsor graduates of foreign medical schools that come to the United States to participate in residency and/or fellowship programs. Persons who are not citizens of the United States will be considered for Resident positions subject to the regulations of those federal and state agencies having jurisdiction over them as non-citizens. Non-citizen employees are expected to accept personal responsibility for compliance with the laws and regulations which apply to them as non-citizens. It is the resident’s personal responsibility to maintain any and all necessary visa/work status requirements necessary during the course of their training. Failure to do so could result in a gap in training or termination from the program.

Appointment term: Appointment of a Resident is contingent upon the ability of the Resident to be physically present at CAMC and to fully participate in the residency program during the term identified in the Resident contract.  If a Resident is unable at any time to be present and to fully participate, the program in its sole discretion may allow a grace period of up to thirty (30) days, may alter the initial appointment and duration of term, and may cancel the appointment.  Any extension of a grace period beyond 30 days will require the approval of the Designated Institutional Official but in no circumstance is CAMC obligated to hold a position for a new or continuing Resident. 

Contracts to Residents will be issued approximately 60 days prior to the beginning of the academic year.  Residents may not continue residency beyond a current contract period.  The Resident contract year will typically be for a one year term; however, a term may be less than one year in special circumstances.  CAMC is not obligated to hold a position for a Resident who has not signed a contract. 

In addition to the resident contract, residents will be given a Professional Practice Contract and will be asked to sign that they have read and understood the terms of the contract. A copy of the Professional Practice Contract is in Appendix C of the contract.

House Staff Responsibilities: Appointment or reappointment is conditional upon the Resident obtaining and maintaining permission to work at CAMC and other affiliated hospitals or institutions to which the Resident is assigned by the program and CAMC.  The Resident shall be subject to all policies, rules, and regulations of those hospitals or other locations of assignment. 

Education and Service Responsibilities: Appointment is conditional upon Resident maintaining physical and mental ability to perform or to be assigned to patient care and education responsibilities with or without reasonable accommodation.

Resident and Employment Policies: Resident must comply with the rules, policies and procedures of the CAMC Health System.   These policies include benefit options, conditions of living quarters, meals, professional liability, health and disability insurance and others and may be accessed on the web site at

Benefits: All Residents are eligible for the same health care, disability, retirement and other benefits as offered to other employees. These benefits are reviewed annually and any changes are typically made to be effective January 1st of each calendar year. An annual benefit enrollment is conducted in the fall of each year for Residents to make changes for the following calendar year.  International graduates are required by the ECFMG to obtain health insurance coverage. Residents must provide proof of such insurance prior to beginning their program or may elect to enroll in the CAMC benefit plan at orientation. CAMC may be required to document and monitor proof of coverage. New House Staff will have the opportunity to elect coverages of their choice during the Human Resources Benefit Orientation upon entering the program. Benefit materials detailing each benefit will be distributed at that time. Residents are eligible to make changes/additional choices during the annual fall benefit enrollment period. Should you have questions concerning the benefits, please call Tracey Suppa-Todd, your Human Resource Associate, at 388-9011.
Specific Assignments: Specific assignments of this appointment will be determined by CAMC or designated representatives of CAMC and reappointment is conditional upon fulfillment of responsibilities as assigned.

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Appointmnet of Terms and Conditions

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