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Charleston Area Medical Center in conjunction with the West Virginia University School of Medicine Charleston Division has operated a combined IM/Peds program since 1982. Our graduates practice in the fields of Adult Cardiology, Infectious Disease, Emergency Medicine, and General Medicine and Pediatrics. Five program graduates are presently full-time faculty with the Charleston Division.

Salary and benefits are tailored to be in the top 50 percentile of residency remuneration for the eastern seaboard, including health insurance, and signing bonuses. CAMC have some unique characteristics which greatly enhance graduate medical education.

Unlike many other large, medical school affiliated teaching hospitals of its caliber, CAMC has several features that most other tertiary care centers lack. We are the 5th most active cardiac center in the country. We are the only tertiary care facility in a 30 to 100 mile radius

This results in our having the busiest medical helicopter in the nation. Most large urban centers have more than one tertiary care center with varying areas of excellence, which results in certain types of patients and medical problems being shunted to the most appropriate nearby tertiary care center, depriving residents at the other tertiary care centers experience with those types of problems. CAMC gets over 90% of all tertiary care patients from a population of roughly 1 million. Our residents get to see lots of "1 in a million cases". Additionally, because we have a large, medically underserved population with a high incidence of poor health habits, we see lots of extreme pathology usually reserved for the 3rd world. On the other hand, being rural, we have fewer urban problems such as AIDS and overdoses, treating several a month rather than several a day while on a teaching service. Our residents see enough varied pathology to be adequately educated without being overwhelmed.

Our program is designed to meet all the requirements for combined IM/Peds residency programs while being as gentle and supportive as possible to the residents. You can refer to our web site to view a sample rotation schedule. The rigor imposed by dual training is sufficient in and of itself, so all ancillary support available, i.e. social services, IV therapy, phlebotomy, etc., are used to advantage by our residents. Furthermore, in order to maintain the educational nature and avoid overly burdensome service obligations, our residents are protected by limitations to work hours and admission numbers. We are supportive of residents requiring maternity/paternity leave or other similar special arrangements.

Our Med/Peds residents are a cohesive and collegial group meeting regularly for formal meetings with the program director and Med/Peds faculty, as well as informally for journal clubs and joint sessions with the Med/Peds student interest group. Residents are also formally evaluated twice each year by the directors of IM and Peds individually. There are annual inservice exams used to evaluate appropriate progress in both disciplines, but these are not used as prerequisites for graduation. Research activities are encouraged and supported. There are daily educational conferences in both IM and Peds which residents are expected to attend as much as possible. Residents are required to give presentations occasionally on topics of their choosing. Generally this occurs 3 to 4 times during the 4 year program.

We currently accept two PGY-1 residents each year. This is facilitated through the U.S. residency match program in conjunction with ERAS.

Applications are accepted through the AAMC Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) only.


For information about our residency program contact:
Amanda J. Mullins, BA
Senior Residency Program Specialist
Internal Medicine-Pediatrics & Pharmacy
Charleston Area Medical Center
Women and Children's Hospital/General
830 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 102
Charleston, WV  25302
Phone: 304-388-1589   F: 304-388-2926

   CAMC Graduate Medical Education - 3110 MacCorkle Avenue S.E., Charleston, West Virginia 25304
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