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Current Residents
  • Colleen Pettrey, M.D. - PGY5- West Virginia University School of Medicine
    Colleen Pettrey, M.D.
  • Sneha Raghunath, M.D. - PGY4 - Sri Devaraj Urs Medical College
    Sneha Raghunath, M.D.
  • Daniel Cho, M.D., M.P.H. - PGY3 - Saint George's University
    Daniel Cho, M.D., M.P.H.
  • Muhammad Jamal Shah, M.D. - PGY3 - Army Medical College
    Muhammad Jamal Shah, M.D.
  • Damanvir Garcha, M.D. - PGY2 - American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine
    Damanvir Garcha, M.D.
  • Sara Henley, M.D. – PGY2 – University of Texas Medical School at Houston
    Sara Henley, M.D.
  • Aatif Mansoor, M.D. – PG1 – University of Minnesota Medical School
    Aatif Mansoor, M.D.
  • Paige Vargo, M.D. – PG1 – Northeast Ohio Medical University
    Paige Vargo, M.D.


For information about our residency programs write to:
Angela Webb, RN, BSN - Senior Residency Program Specialist
Behavioral Medicine & Psychiatry
3200 MacCorkle Ave. S.E. Charleston, WV 25304
Phone: (304) 388-1020


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