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Christy Shaw, MS
Senior Residency Program Specialist
CAMC Graduate Medical Education, 3110 MacCorkle Ave, SE, Charleston, WV 25304
Phone: 304-388-9036; Fax 304-388-9949;

Christy Shaw was born and raised in WV, and earned a BS in Exercise Physiology from WVU School of Medicine in 1994.  After receiving an MS in Athletic Training from California University of PA in 1995, she worked several years as a certified athletic trainer in PA and VA, providing medical care for collegiate sports along with classroom and clinical instruction to undergraduate students.  She relocated to Charleston, WV in 2004, working in private insurance for a workers’ compensation third-party administrator until joining the CAMC team in June 2014.  Her hobbies and interests include outdoor recreation, home improvement projects, and reading historical fiction.



Questions about our clinical pharmacy program can be sent to the Director of Clinical Services:
Brian Hodges , Pharm.D., BCPS, BCNSP
Fax: 304-347-1350

   CAMC Graduate Medical Education - 3110 MacCorkle Avenue S.E., Charleston, West Virginia 25304
   (304) 388-9948 Phone |  (304) 388-9949 FAX

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