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Ali AbuRahma, MD

It was discovered at an early age that Dr. AbuRahma excelled academically, which was borne out when he scored in the top ten students on a national college entrance exam.  This achievement resulted in him being awarded a United Nations Scholarship to study medicine at Alexandria University in Egypt.  At age 22, he was the youngest student and top student in his graduating class, and upon graduation he was awarded the State Prize of Egypt.   He completed his post-graduate surgical residency training at Alexandria University Hospital, State University of NY and West Virginia University, Charleston Division.  He went on to complete a vascular surgical fellowship at the Arizona Heart Institute and became a full time faculty member in the Department of Surgery at the Charleston Division of West Virginia University in 1978.

Dr. AbuRahma is certified by the American Board of Surgery and the American Board in Vascular Surgery. Dr. AbuRahma is currently a tenured Professor of Surgery, Chief of Vascular/Endovascular Surgery, and Director of the Vascular Surgery Fellowship and Integrated Vascular Residency Programs at WVU in Charleston, WV.  He serves as the Medical Director of the Vascular Laboratory, a position he has held since 1978, Co-Director of the Vascular Center of Excellence at Charleston Area Medical Center, and he is a registered vascular technologist.

His scholarly endeavors afford him active membership in over two dozen professional vascular and surgical societies including the Society for Vascular Surgery (Distinguished Fellow), Southern Surgical Association, the prestigious American Surgical Association (only active member in West Virginia), International Society of Vascular Surgery, Southern Association for Vascular Surgery, and Eastern Vascular Society.  Dr. AbuRahma has served or is serving in many of these vascular societies on the national level, e.g. Executive Council, Program Chairman,  President-Elect, and President of the Southern Association for Vascular Surgery (2010-2015), Membership Chairman (2009-2010) and Board of Directors of the Society for Vascular Surgery, EVS (Executive Council for eight years, President-Elect, and President [2010]).  In addition to these ongoing pursuits, he is a member of the editorial board of theJournal of Vascular Surgery, Journal of Endovascular Surgery, Annals of Vascular Surgery, Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, and Vascular Specialist, and Associate Editor of Vascular.  He also serves as a reviewer for the Archives of Surgery, American Journal of Surgery, American Surgeon, and the Journal of Diabetes and Its Complications. 

Dr. AbuRahma has an avid interest in vascular surgery and has dedicated his life to research, earning him a national and international reputation for his contributions in this field.  As a result, he has published over 200 articles, 185 abstracts, 90 book chapters, and five textbooks in vascular surgery and noninvasive vascular technology.  He was also the Associate Editor of the textbook, Rutherford’s Vascular Surgery, 8th Edition (published in 2014). He has made presentations at over 350 national and international medical conventions.  His latest textbook, Noninvasive Vascular Diagnosis:  A Practical Guide to Therapy, 3rd Edition is currently the most comprehensive textbook available on noninvasive vascular diagnosis.  

Dr. AbuRahma was the first recipient of the Steven J. Jubelirer Research Award (in 1999), recognizing him for his contribution to research and medical education at Charleston Area Medical Center.  He also received the Benedum Distinguished Scholar Award in Biosciences and Health Sciences of West Virginia University (1999-2000), the William J. Maier, Jr. Health Sciences Education Award, West Virginia University (awarded to physician who contributed most to education and research for 2002).  The focus of his latest research involves prospective randomized controlled trials comparing various techniques to scientifically define the best method of carotid endarterectomy, a stroke preventing intervention and the most common vascular surgery procedure performed.  His results have been published in most of the prestigious journals dealing with this subject including the Journal of Vascular Surgery, Stroke, Annals of Surgery, and Vascular Surgery, and will, no doubt, have an impact far beyond the state of West Virginia

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